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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Crappie Fishing - Time for Fun!

Mike Frisch, a Minnesota fishing guide, tournament fisherman, writer, and radio personality wrote a quick post about his best tips for early season crappie fishing with his daughter, and they sound solid.

Ease of access this time of year means short trips after work should prove easy, and setups are super simple with jigs, bobbers and crappie minnows making it easy to get fishing.

From the article:

Not only is spring crappie location often a pretty simple affair, but so is the presentation that catches these fish. A small jig fished below a slip-bobber tipped with a crappie minnow is a favorite. A pink/white or glow green 1/32-ounce Gypsi Jig tipped with a small, but very lively crappie minnow is my favorite crappie set-up. Gypsi Jigs have tinsel tails that give off a fish scale flash that really attracts spring crappies. A small split shot added about a foot above the jig completes the system. I like the pink/white color jig combination for daytime fishing, switching to the glow green color during low light conditions.

Gypsi Jigs have produced good spring crappie catches for years. Last year another jig, the Bug-A-Boo Jig produced crappies as well. These jigs feature marabou feathers that pulsate and quiver to attract and trigger crappies and have quickly become another option in my fish-catching arsenal.

Regardless which jig is chosen, an important factor in making this simple system the most effective is the use of the right bobber. The Super-Pro Lite-Bite Slip Bobbers are awesome tools for this fishing. They have hi-vis stems that can be seen easily in low light. Not only that, but the bobber stems have Slip-N-Slide grommets allowing line to slide through with minimal resistance helping anglers catch light biters. Their sleek pear shape also helps anglers in bite detection.

Mike really seems to have a handle on the Spring crappie bite. I hope you guys can get out there and take advantage of the tips he's offering here.

See the full article here.

-Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism Team

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