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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring-ify Your Lake Place

Well once again the weekend is over just as fast as it came. One highlight we had was Friday night at the Fargodome, where we attended the rodeo. Although the animals seemed to outsmart the cowboys this time around, it was still a good show. Other than that the weekend wasn’t much to write home about. I did find a good way to add some ambience to help freshen up your cabin this spring.

-Have Scents Appeal: Smells have the amazing power to dictate a mood. Boil some cinnamon sticks in water for a few minutes to get a warm, homey aroma. Or put some lemon, lime, and orange slices (with peel) in a cute bowl for an upbeat, citrusy fragrance. A fistful of fresh herbs like basil or rosemary in a small vase or jar will give off a sensual exotic perfume.

-Turn Up the Heat: A crackling fire generates a comfy feel anytime of the year. If you don’t have a fireplace—or it’s too warm outside for the real deal – pop in a DVD version, like Ambient Fire (firedvd.com).

-Add Some Playful Stuff: Ambience doesn’t have to be about getting intense. A string of lights will keep the tone in your place breezy and fun. Wrap it around a large picture frame, a plain lamp, or your mantle. Just take a pass on multicolored strands – they’re too Christmassy.

-Bring Nature Inside: Seashells or other natural elements like river stones are unexpected and give a casual feel. Fill a rough-hewn bowl with a bunch you collected on vacation, or prick up a bag at a craft store. Place it where you would normally display a bouquet of flowers.

-Encourage Browsing: A large stack of books on an end table invites guests to kick back and flip through them. Throw an old photo album or cool picture book into the mix for variety.

-Sound It Out: Make playlists for individual occasions. Chilling over dinner with your guy, having the girls visit for brunch and really consider what you’re craving in the situation. If you’re having a party, start with light tunes that you can talk over. Then segue into more upbeat dance songs as the night goes on and people get more wild.

-Go Big with Candles: Here’s a chance to add some drama to your place. If you want to stick with votives, put them in surprising vessels, like eclectic teacups or clay gardening pots. For a bold statement piece, add different-colored wax tapers to a thrift-store candelabra and feature it prominently on your table.

So while you’re hanging out waiting for the snow to melt, add a different touch to your cabin. It’ll sure to be noticed.

Tiffany, Otter Tail Country Tourism Team

(Information from: Article from April, 2011 Cosmopolitan Magazine. VOL 250, NO 4, Page 212)

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