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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning at the Lake

Happy first day of Spring!

The snow is melting fast and the water is rising! So guess what that means?! Yup, spring-cleaning. To me this always seems to be a fresh start after that long droopy winter, and cleaning the lake place is equally as important as cleaning at home. Just having the chance to have a window or two open for a few hours to let those darn dust bunnies out, or letting a rug hang out side to air out for a little bit makes a huge difference in houses and cabins. LET THAT SUNSHINE IN!

What I always like to start with is of course my living room and kitchen. I usually end up moving everything out of those rooms and just dust and sweet/mop/vacuum and scrub my walls! You would never expect to see that much dirt but man does it feel good to get it out of there!

From the living room and kitchen I move on to the bedrooms. Flip those mattresses and Febreeze those pillows! Don’t forget all those dust bunnies that may have gotten gathered under the dressers and in the back of the closets.

While you’re doing all this why don’t you send your man out to the garage and get him cleaning in there. Everyone knows that there is tons of sand built up in there from the cars over the winter! And he probably didn’t keep it all that organized over those months when it wasn’t that fun to be out there (Strange how that works out).

So get cleaning and erase that nasty ole winter out of your house. End your spring-cleaning by adding a nice bright bouquet of flowers to your kitchen. It’ll definitely light up the room!

-Tiffany, Otter Tail Country Tourism
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