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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Moxie Minnow - My Favorite Ice Fishing Lure

I haven't fished a ton this winter (I know, it's going against my New Year's Resolution of spending more time in Otter Tail Country - but I'm trying!), but during those trips I've fallen in love - with the Moxie Minnow by Northland Tackle (and no, they're not sponsoring this blog - I just believe in their product).

The Moxie Minnow doesn't look that different from many other spoon style lures, but it has an effect on the fish I love to catch (walleyes, jumbo perch and crappies!).

Here's what the Northland Tackle website says about the Moxie Minnow:
The MOXIE MINNOW® is a new ReplicaSeries™ of Live-Forage® flutter spoons that fool fish with it's realistic baitfish image body and flashy good looks. It is stamped from light weight brass and tumbles and flutters to provide a crippled baitfish action that fish cannot resist. New printed "high-definition" Fish-Photo-Image™ patterns are picture perfect to "match-the-hatch" and mimic a minnow fry to perfection. They are deadly on Perch, Crappie, Walleye and Trout. Tie one on . . . and put this classy new minnow spoon with moxie to work for you!

"Classy new minnow spoon with moxie"...I really like this definition. If I had seen this copywriting before I tried the lure on the ice, I would have tried it just because I believe in quality marketing.

Here's a few of the options you have for colors. They also come in quite a few sizes depending on the fish you're after:

Why do I like this lure so much? Well even when we weren't catching much on Otter Tail Lake a while ago, the Moxie Minnow came up with perch and walleyes. Remember one of the other Otter Tail Country Bloggers' first fish? Here's Tiffany's first ever fish. Seeing a new fisher-person that happy will sell me on anything!

Like I said - we're not endorsing any products via the Otter Tail Country Tourism blog, just letting you know what has worked for us. And I'm sold on the Northland Tackle Moxie Minnow. If you'd like to try them out, they're available at Fleet Farm, Scheels, and Cabela's as far as I know and I'm sure you can get them at any store that stocks fishing gear (or online, of course).

Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism Team

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