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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Denver Restaurant Owners Share Their Success Tips

Do you own/work for one one of the many great restaurants in Otter Tail Country? There are plenty of them, and I'm sure you're looking for ways to do business better.

The Denver Post interviewed the people behind some of the cities greatest eateries, and they shared some wonderful insight those of us in our part of Minnesota can use for our business - whether we're in the restaurant business or any other industry.

My favorites?

1) "Find your niche". You need to find your ideal customer base and cater to their needs and wants. Fill a gap left by other businesses in your area. Nobody in your part of the world offering a great breakfast? Find a way to work it in to your schedule. No place to get great barbecue? Hire a pit master, and let him loose. Find a solution and you'll find business.

2) "Provide parking". This is a given for most businesses in Otter Tail Country, but still important. You have to make it convenient for customers to arrive to your restaurant. Carry this theme to the inside - be sure you have ample, comfortable seating and an inviting atmosphere.

3) "Reach out". Give back to the community. Not just for the free publicity, but because it just feels good! Get to know people in your area - these are your customers. Make them feel good about spending their money in your restaurant.

Like I said - most of these tips can be worked in to any business if you take the principles and apply them to your work.

We're proud of the businesses in Otter Tail Country and enjoy sharing tips like this with you. We hope you take them and put them to use! See the rest of the tips at the Denver Post.

-Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism Team

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