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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ice Fishing on Ottertail Lake, Minnesota

Today I had the opportunity to ice fish with a group of friends on Ottertail Lake. It was a very cold day, but our guide, Ross Hagemeister, made sure we were warm in our ice houses. Gary Peterson at was luckily open early this morning for some provisions, bait, and last-minute tackle.

We experienced what quite a few other people experienced that day - some nice fish, but they weren't biting all day. The cold snap really hit home with the fish - and we unfortunately only caught two walleyes and two perch in a day of fishing. Of course we brought coolers of beer and cards for the card tables, and made the most of it. As they say - a day fishing beats a day working anytime.

What I learned: typical feeding times for walleyes came true. One hit right away in the morning, and the other at dusk. The perch came in between, but definitely still before noon. We were all using shiners and a variety of tackle, mostly red #6 hooks. Almost everyone had some action, even if it was a tease. Every once in a while, the rattle reels would go off and everyone in the house would drop their conversations and try to catch a fish from the wheels on the walls!

I think our misfortune had a lot to do with the sudden cold blast that took over Otter Tail Country. And of course, we can't be mad we didn't catch more fish - every day out in Otter Tail Country is a continuation of our New Year's resolution to spend more time out here!

Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism

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