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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Ice Fishing Post - Blogger Tiffany's First Fish!

So I had the opportunity to take fellow Otter Tail Country Tourism blogger Tiffany out fishing with a friend of mine from Fergus Falls tonight.

Luckily we had the use of my friend's uncle's house - a nice, homemade house complete with carpet, coat hooks, and beautiful wood work. He ran a nice wall mounted propane heater in addition to the sunflower type heater we brought. His house had holes for 8 lines, but we only re-drilled 6 since there were only three of us out there fishing.

The action was pretty awesome - we were only out three hours and we caught Tiffany's first ever fish - a very nice walleye - as well as a big crappie in her bag and a small northern a piece for our guide and myself.

Here's Tiffany's first fish - please forgive the quality of the cell phone picture!

otter tail country walleye girl fish ice house shack perch northern crappie

What a fish! I'm thinking she's got her hopes up that every fishing trip will involve her having all the luck and catching the biggest fish!

I'm hoping to make it back out there soon, the action was too fun to not go again!

-Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism Team

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