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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Decorating Your Lake Place for the Holiday Season

Holiday decorating is something many people look forward to and also something many people dread or just plain avoid. Whether it is the pressure from your neighbors to put up lights out side or the idea that with out a tree for the presents to go under Santa wont come with a lush variety of under-appreciated gifts.

The same thing applies for many in Ottertail Country who own cabins and have the joy of decorating two homes rather than just one. So one question many ask themselves while planning their décor is what the current interior design trends are, especially for lake cabins. One new trend that we’ve seen in the last few years is a variety of very colorful materials. Whether it is purple, orange, pink or bright blue, they all seem to add a holiday touch to your home. But if you’re into more of the traditional colors such as red and green, don’t worry those are also very popular and in fashion. And if you want to be extra trendy this holiday season, add a little brown to your holiday decor.

A few things that might be out of style this year include lametta (thin wire or foil) as well as tinsel, so instead try for artificial snow on pine branches.

Trying to decide which lights to put up on your cabin? LED or traditional Christmas lights have become a common question amongst many people searching. While the traditional lights have a nice soft glow to them compared to the super bright LED lights, you do tend to save more money using the LEDs. Although you may be using twice as many lights you’ll still save on your energy costs. And another added bonus to the LEDs is that they burn longer (around 300,000 hours) than traditional lights.

So as you’re planning your holiday season keep these simple tips and ideas in mind to help both save money and keep up with the latest trends. Have any other good tips? Share them with us in the comments! Happy Holidays!

(For more information visit http://hubpages.com/hub/Christmas-Tree-Trimming-Trends-2010 )

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