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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold Weather Sneaks in to Otter Tail Country

As I write this, it's 14.8 degrees below zero in Ottertail, Minnesota (according to Weather Underground).

That's cold.

On the bright side, every cold day makes the ice on our beautiful lakes thicker, thus safer, for everyone who enjoys ice fishing and snowmobiling on our waterways.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website, there are some defined thicknesses of ice for various usage. Here's what they say:
* 2" or less - STAY OFF
* 4" - Ice fishing or other activities on foot
* 5" - Snowmobile or ATV
* 8" - 12" - Car or small pickup
* 12" - 15" - Medium truck

So instead of cursing this cold blast, let's embrace it, and take advantage. Ice fishing in Otter Tail Country can be some of the best fishing of the year - we just have to make sure to get out there and fish!

-Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism Team

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