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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Minnesota - an Enjoyable Journey

Today I took a drive I've only taken a few times in my life: all the way through our great state from Fargo, ND, through Otter Tail County (naturally) to Minneapolis/St. Paul and into Wisconsin for a trade show.

The Fargo - Minneapolis, MN drive isn't that bad for me anymore. When I was a kid, it seemed like we were taking a cross country road trip that I thought would never end. Nowadays, it's a quick trip to some great shopping, restaurants, and friends.

It's amazing how different parts of the state can be - from the flat farmland and prairies of the west central Minnesota, to the rolling hills, and forests, it's amazing what our state looks like. Throughout all the different landscapes, there are always lakes.

You can have a "lake" in the middle of a farmer's corn field, with nothing surrounding it but cattails and crops, and ten miles later you'll have suburban Lake Minnetonka, with mansions surrounding it. Our state is awesome in that way.

Although sitting in the car for eight hours isn't my favorite activity, seeing all our gorgeous state has to offer really makes up for the ride.

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