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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Things Happening in Minnesota

We all know Minnesota is the home to 10,000 lakes - that fact is on the license plates, for Pete's sake! We're also known for a heck of a lot of oversized objects - the worlds biggest things in a few different categories. We'll throw some of them at you - you let us know which ones you've been to!

The World's Largest Adirondak Chair can be found in St. Paul, MN. The chair was built for inner-city kids, for some reason - there's not too much known about this bad boy, but it's a seriously big Minnesota chair!

big chair adirondak minnesota world's largest worlds

The World's Largest Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox in Akeley, MN (my dad was born in Walker, MN). I remember as a kid, driving through and looking up and thinking "WHAT IS THIS GIANT LUMBERJACK DOING!?!" Then, my dad decides everyone has to get out of the car, climb in his mighty palm, and get their picture taken in the hand of this giant Paul Bunyon statue. It was pretty cool after I got over the creepiness of the situation.

world's largest paul bunyon worlds akeley minnesota mn brainerd akely big large huge lumberjack

Frazee, MN is home to the World's Largest Turkey. They're also home to a few large turkey farms, which employs many people in the surrounding areas. If you enjoy Thanksgiving, there's a good chance your turkey came from this area.

turkey huge large world's biggest worlds largest large big turkeys frazee minnesota mn

It wouldn't be a post from the Otter Tail Country Tourism blog without an Otter Tail County reference - well we're giving you more than a reference: we're giving you an Otter! Fergus Falls, MN is home to the World's Largest Otter. It seems fitting, doesn't it?

otter worlds largest world's biggest huge big large weasel

I hope you've enjoyed this mini tour through the large items Minnesota has to offer. We're a proud state - and not just of the lakes.

-Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism Team

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