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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Big Dock Removal Weekend

I've heard from quite a few friends that this weekend is the big one - the weekend when you con a couple friends into going to the lake with you to take the dock out. Yes, it's necessary, but nobody likes to do it.

1) The lake is starting to get cold. You want it to be warm, like all those July and August afternoons on the water skis or wakeboards in the warm water, or just being on the boat and feeling the cool splash of the water relieving your sun kissed face. But no. It's cold. And hard work. Best solution: throw on some waders. Yes, you'll look goofy, but you'll be warm and dry.

2) It signals the end of one of the best seasons for Minnesota lakes country fans. You're taking your dock out for a reason - you want to get that job done before the lake gets so cold you'll be shivering until next walleye opener.

We just ask that you be safe while taking your docks out this season - no, it's not very much fun, but it's well worth the effort. You'll be able to relax until it's time to put that dock back in knowing you're ready for winter.

-Al, Otter Tail Country Tourism

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